Lone Møller

Whether I teach, recruit staff members or act as counsellor/coach, I draw on nine years of experience as a self-employed business coach in combination with more than 20 years of hotel industry experience, including a position as interim manager for six years and general manager for ten years. In addition to holding a position as general manager, I was also responsible for building a common platform for staff development for three companies. Furthermore, I have held board positions within the education, tourism and business sectors.

My focus and energy have always been with people (relationships, communication and development).

Over the many years that I have served in the hotel industry, my three greatest strong points have been: The ability to always ensure the right person is in the right place; To put together an optimal management team; To get the whole organisation to pull together in the same direction. Based on these factors, I have created results in relation to quality, cooperation and service.

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Consultant, Jutland, Funen

You are always welcome to contact me at:
T: (+45) 24 46 90 64
E: rec@fuglleonhardt.dk