In some cases, FUGL LEONHARDT applies tests as part of a recruitment, individual coaching or career counselling. We have also successfully applied tests on organisational levels.

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MPA – successful recruitment, selection and retention of the right employees

HR employees worldwide use MPA (Master Person Analysis) to ensure they employ the right people. MPA is also used as a basis for career planning and in connection with other HR activities. MPA is an effective tool for employees at all levels in relation to:

  • Recruitment
  • Personal development
  • Leadership development
  • Outplacement
  • Talent management
  • Organisational development

EASI – your tool to motivate and develop

EASI is a reliable tool for mapping employee motivation, identifying potential talents and improving communication. HR managers and employees worldwide use EASI in conjunction with personal coaching, team development, conflict resolution, communication training, employee development talks and management development programs.

EASI is a valuable tool in connection with:

  • Identification of motivational factors among employees.
  • Identification of the connection between typical behaviour and motivation.
  • Conflict situations, career counselling and coaching, including improvement of your own situation.