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The requirements for recruitment, training and retention of staff and corporate values are greater than ever.

Success is about having the right people – it’s ‘People’s Business’.

The difference between success and failure often lies in the smallest of details. At FUGL LEONHARDT we are experts in recruitment, training and development for teams and individuals. Professionally and discreetly, we will assist you with achieving the best of results in recruitment, training and employment-seeking.

With our many years of industry experience and with our unwavering commitment, our professional network is among the strongest on the market. We are familiar with the people and players of the industry.

We are confident that a diversity of employees and ideas offers the best way to achieve results with our clients. We believe in long-term relationships, focusing on common interests and goals.

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FUGL LEONHARDT services are about people – about professional development, change, and career counselling.


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